While I’m essentially the same person you can read about from my 2005 ABOUT THE AUTHOR page, I’ve had a recent brush with a somewhat rare form of tonsil cancer.

    Oddly, my tonsils were removed when I was ten.  Apparently however, there was enough of a molecular launch pad to set off a chain reaction that began with surgery (a breeze) followed by radiation therapy (best not mentioned in polite company) and ended with a rather anti-climactic convalescence from the effects of having one’s mouth, tongue and throat fried, refried and blackened for good measure.  Smoothies and soups.  Smoothies and soups.  Repeat as necessary.

    While this experience has eroded my opportunities for food evangelism and martini drinking, it has certainly reinforced the truth of my final things you might want to know about me, in 2005.

    I have been kept alive, literally and figuratively, by the affection and support of my family and friends, whose sum total is my proudest boast and matters much more to me than my bank balance or intelligence quotient.

Sheila Curran, May 2009



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